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The Bible College seeks to inspire a generation of
modern-day disciples by sharing the Scriptures
illuminated through the work of Christ.

Diligent Pursuit of Truth

The Bible shows how Jesus changed everything for us.

Jesus provided the foundation for the early church through his example of love, perseverance, and selflessness. In turn, the disciples became determined to fulfill Christ’s commission and shared the gospel to many nations.

Christ’s ultimate sacrifice allows believers around the world to share in God’s revelatory work, today.

The Bible College offers a thorough, holistic study of the Bible, tuition-exempt.

The apostles diligently examined the Scriptures to discover the truth (Acts 17:11). They also taught the Word of God motivated by a heart of pure sincerity, not profit (2 Corinthians 2:17).

The Bible College offers programs to provide a thorough, holistic study of the Word of God, tuition-exempt.

Teaching God's Word

The Bible College Study Model

1. Explore a Breadth
of Perspectives

Many different doctrines, teachings, and ideas about the Bible are in existence. The Bible College facilitates exploration and incorporation of what allows for a holistic, well-rounded understanding of the Scriptures.

2. Confirm Truth in
the Scriptures

Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover for themselves what is truthful according to the Word of God. The Bible College offers the resources necessary for this process.

3. Experience Spiritual

Knowledge in the Bible supports transformative spiritual formation and development under the guidance of the Spirit.


Are you ready to seek?

Many people often ask, “What is God really saying in the Bible?” At The Bible College, we believe that through this study model, God will guide us to what is true and correct.

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